Tourism is one of the leading and most dynamic sectors of the world economy. In many countries, tourism plays a significant role in the formation of gross domestic product, creating jobs and providing employment, enhancing the trade deficit. Tourism has a huge impact on such key economic sectors such as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, consumer goods and others. In turn, the development of tourism are affected by various factors: demographic, natural and geographical, socio-economic, historical, religious, political and legal.
The importance of tourism as a source of foreign exchange earnings, expansion of international contacts, providing employment is growing.
Tourism is one of the few growing businesses. Interest of entrepreneurs in tourism due to several factors. First, in order to begin to engage in tourism business, does not require large investments. Secondly, in the tourist market quite successfully interact large, medium and small firms. In this tourist business allows you to quickly wrap capital, and (international tourism) removing certain advantages due to foreign exchange transactions.
To achieve a positive balance between imported into the country in cash (inbound tourism) and exported from the country (outbound tourism) efforts should be made to maintain and develop domestic tourism, so that money was spent in the country, and not beyond. A well-planned policy of national tourism leads ultimately to the benefit of the country. If tourism development is planned professionally enough, it may happen that the country will invest in tourism more than getting away from it. In order to succeed in the tourism business are required based on the needs of the consumer travel services organization of production and the tourism product, a good knowledge of international legal norms and regulations, practices of tourism management and marketing of the tourist market conditions.

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